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Get tweet ideas

Helps you start writing engaging content about the topics of your choice, in your chosen tone

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Express your opinion

Write replies to your followers instantly, without having to think about it

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Make it your own

Use one of the existing tones, or add one that suits your style


Pricing tailored to meet everyone's needs

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*requires your own Open AI API key

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10 tweet/reply requests, one time use

3 tweet recommendations per request

Use Responsibly

Everyone hates bots and spam. We do too!

Use TweetAssist for inspiration and ideas, not as a replacement for your own content.

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Do not be a bot

Don't directly copy and paste the AI-generated content. This tool is called Tweet "Assist" for a reason

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Use the "tool" as a "tool"

Do not let the tool replace you

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Be responsible

Don't post tweets and replies that are spammy, offensive, or otherwise violate Twitter's terms of service

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Be authentic

Personalize and customize it to reflect your own voice and personality. No one wants to read replies from an AI

Frequently asked questions

What is Tweet Assist?

Tweet Assist is an AI powered chrome extension that helps you write tweets and replies right inside twitter

Will this help me automatically post tweets and replies?

Tweet Assist never automatically posts anything. Users have the ability to review and edit the AI-generated content before it is published, so they have complete control

How does it work?

Tweet Assist uses AI to generate tweets and replies for you, based on the topics you choose

How does it work (more technical)?

Tweet Assist uses OpenAI's GPT to generate tweets and replies

Is it free to use?

There is a free version that allows you to test the product with 10 tweet/reply generations


Your AI powered Twitter assitant.




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